Want to know if Mascoat products are right for you? Mascoat success stories demonstrate how our products can solve can solve marine, industrial and transportation problems. Sort our thermal insulation case studies by product, application or problem that Mascoat helped solve. Contact us today for more information!

Sutphen Emergency Vehicles

Sutphen enjoys the ease of application versus cut and paste styles of vehicle insulation, mainly because the coating can be applied to hard to reach areas. READ MORE »

Absorber Ducts Case Study

The client had previously insulated their absorber ducts with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Gases inside the ducts will cool and condense regularly, which causes condensation on the interior. READ MORE »

ADM Personnel Protection

The staff at the facility reported that they were very pleased with the coating’s ability to provide personnel protection with only 2 mm of coating applied. READ MORE »

Aircraft Carrier – USS Constellation

Chief Boatswain’s Mate contacted Mascoat to see if the coating would be effective for their application. READ MORE »

American Electric Power Tugboat

Mascoat Sound Control-dB is a noise and vibration reduction coating formulated for the marine environment. Unlike cumbersome tiles, it’s quick and easy to apply. READ MORE »

Anchor Handler Case Study

Mascoat Marine-DTM was seen as wonderful solution to the problem, in that it could be sprayed on in a fraction of the time that it would take to install conventional insulation, while keeping condensation at bay. READ MORE »

Application of Mascoat Industrial-DTI at ConAgra Foods

In November 2008, an application of Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating was started at ConAgra Food, parent company. Read more here! READ MORE »

Applications of Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating

Mascoat Marine-DTM applied to the outside wall of the vessel and framing supports to combat condensation/sweating. READ MORE »

Arctic Supply Vessel Aiviq

The latest Ice Breaker built by North American Shipyards, LaRose, LA USA, for Edison Chouest Offshore used Mascoat's thermal insulation coating DTM and its sound damping product DB. READ MORE »

Arizona Chemicals Condensate Tank

Mascoat Industrial-DTI was used to coat the hard to reach dome of a condensate tank to protect the workers in the area. READ MORE »

Asphalt Barge Case Study

The owner asked Mascoat to come up with a solution and show that their product could produce energy retention results. The owner wanted cost estimates that could help determine the return on investment. READ MORE »

Asphalt Tank Case Study

Our client installed Mascoat Industrial– DTI Thermal Insulating Coating in their Port Everglades facility. The coating was applied over a primer to a thickness of 200 mils. READ MORE »

Asphalt Transport Trailers

To transport asphalt long distances, it has to constantly be kept at a high temperature. READ MORE »

AUTEC Vessel Ranger

Mascoat Marine-DTM and Mascoat Sound Control-dB were applied to various areas of the vessel to stop the rampant condensation and vibration issues the vessel used to experience. READ MORE »


Project was not completed for energy savings as most bag-houses or cyclones are a collection point prior to being moved to another part of the process. READ MORE »

Baton Rouge Refinery

In the winter of 2011 a refinery in Baton Rouge completed construction of a new 290’ X 52’ crude storage tank and needed to decide what style of insulation that they would have installed. READ MORE »

Bay City Processing Plant

A company in Baytown, TX faced a major problem in one of their reactor units. The reactor ran at lower temperatures than the surrounding processes, so it was constantly under the dew point, which caused severe condensation. READ MORE »

Bitumen Storage Tanks - CUI

In the summer of 2010, an asphalt company was experimenting with new processes in their Houston, TX facility. READ MORE »

Born Free Motorhomes

The addition of Mascoat Transportation-DTA to the firewall has greatly reduced the heat transfer into the foot box area of the front engine Class C motorhomes. READ MORE »

Brunsmann – Vibrational Noise and Anti-Condensation Solution

Mascoat helped Brunsmann Yacht & Ship Experts find an anti-condensation and vibration noise reduction solution! READ MORE »

Burger Boat Company Case Study

Some of the latest technologies that Burger is employing are Mascoats’ Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating and Mascoat Sound ControlDB. READ MORE »

Cargill Bean Crusher - Reduce Fire Risk

One problem that occurs at most food processing plants is leakage from storage tanks and machines. READ MORE »

Cargill Storage Tanks - Energy Retention

The Cargill processing and storage facility in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is building 30 new stainless steel storage tanks that will store cooking oil. READ MORE »

Cargo Vessel Case Study

Mascoat Marine-DTM was chosen because it would solve the condensation problem with minimum space used and little time needed at port. READ MORE »

Chemical Shower Insulation

Throughout a facility, there are chemical showers in place in the event of a physical contact chemical exposure. In these instances, the affected person is directed to use the closest emergency chemical shower. READ MORE »

Chemical Storage Tank

A chemical company in Houston, TX has always had problems with Corrosion Under Insulation because of Houston’s humid environment and the plants location on the Houston Ship Channel. READ MORE »

Chilled Piping – Dow Chemical

The Dow Chemical facility in Plaquemine, LA upholds a strict "dry slab" policy to prevent mold and mildew and reduce the risk of slip hazards in wet environments. READ MORE »

Chilled Water Tank

A cogeneration plant located in Pasadena, TX USA needed to replace 1.5“ of foam insulation on a 120 foot OD Chilled Water Tank that was damaged during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. READ MORE »

Chlorine Bullet Tanks - Radiant Heat Gain

A Louisiana chemical refinery used Mascoat Industrial-DTI to help solve issues with radiant heat gain and corrosion. READ MORE »


In the past, this food company had a fire risk at one of their facilities due to cocoa fat. READ MORE »

Condensate Tank

A company in Perth Australia was running into a problem with one of their condensate tanks running too hot for personnel to be working directly around the tank. READ MORE »

Condensate Tank – Chemical Plant

After applying 100-120 mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI, the plant was able to provide personnel protection required by governing standards and increase the tank’s energy retention. READ MORE »

Control Container - Reduce Vibration and Condensation

Mascoat was able to help reduce vibration noise as well as condensation in a control container with Marine-DTM and Sound Control-dB. READ MORE »

Converted Sea Container Offices/Storage

Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC is specifically designed for both residential and commercial applications by creating an insulating barrier, which drastically reduces heat transfer. READ MORE »

Corry Contract - Metal Machinery

Corry Contract located in Pennsylvania is a precision manufacturer of metal products, including file cabinets, electronic enclosures, and other large metal pieces for industries such as mass transit and the postal service. READ MORE »

Cruise Ship – Disney® Wonder

The engineering staff of Disney visited with Mascoat at a marine trade show and identified that Mascoat’s Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating could possibly be a perfect fit for their retrofit application. READ MORE »

Cruise West uses Mascoat Marine-DTM

For condensation control, Mascoat Marine-DTM was applied at a thickness of 60 mils (0.060”) in 3 coats on overheads and inside surfaces of exterior walls. READ MORE »

Deaerator Insulation

When a Deaerator in Deer Park, TX had surface temperatures above personnel protection limits, the company called on Mascoat to help solve their problem. READ MORE »

Distillation Columns – Shell Chemical

Controlling the temperature and amount of pressure in a distillation column is imperative; it dictates the type and quality of products a plant is able to manufacture. READ MORE »

Dow Valve Assembly

Dow Chemical engineered a new and unique valve assembly. After it was installed and began working, engineers determined that it needed to be insulated because the valve was giving off temperatures of over 200°F (93°C). READ MORE »

Ducting – Sound Damping

A Mascoat Specialist conducted an assessment of the ducting and recommended using Mascoat’s sound dampening coating. READ MORE »

Ductwork - Condensation Issues

In late 2011, WR Grace, a global leader in chemical supply, met with a representative from Mascoat about a few issues they were experiencing with some of their outdoor ventilation ducts in their Baltimore, MD facility. READ MORE »

Electrical Cabinets

Mascoat’s specialized insulating coatings are an ideal application for industrial facilities and provide personnel protection from hot surfaces. READ MORE »

Fast Crew Boat Case Study

After coating with Mascoat Sound Control-dB, a dramatic noise differential vs. past boats constructed by Breaux was observed. READ MORE »

Fire Department Vessel Case Study

The FDNY contracted with Eastern Shipbuilding to build a new fleet that would be able to perform in those situations. READ MORE »

Gage Road Brewery

A Perth Brewing Company approached Mascoat to provide a solution for personnel protection, energy retention, and reduction in heat loss on their pipe work and vessels. READ MORE »

Gasoline Storage Tank Case Study

In 2006, a certified distributor of Mascoat in China began working with a Chinese petroleum company to help them save energy and money with ceramic thermal insulating coatings. READ MORE »

Generator Housing Case Study

A power company in Florida recently applied 400 gallons of Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating, made by Mascoat of Houston, TX, to a metal housing encasing a generator. READ MORE »

Global Seas – F/V Bering Defender

In early 2012, Patti Shipyard’s was constructing the fishing vessel Bering Defender for Global Seas, owner of a fleet of fishing vessels. During construction, they contacted Mascoat about thermal barrier and condensation issues they were experiencing. READ MORE »

Guido Perla Platform Supply Vessel

Corry Contract located in Pennsylvania is a precision manufacturer of metal products, including file cabinets, electronic enclosures, and other large metal pieces for industries such as mass transit and the postal service. READ MORE »

Heat Exchanger

Shell Refining in Gonzales, LA, USA was having a problem with one of their heat exchangers, in that the constant buildup of Corrosion Under Insulation was requiring them to replace the substrate and insulation on a regular basis. READ MORE »

Heat/Cool Retention & Solar Heat Gain Reduction

The thermal properties of Mascoat Weatherbloc-IC make it a prime insulation solution on roofs and walls of most type dwellings or commercial buildings. READ MORE »

Heated Columns

Shell Refining in Gonzales, LA, USA was having a problem with one of their heat exchangers, in that the constant buildup of Corrosion Under Insulation READ MORE »

Hydrogen Pipeline

In 2005, a large refining company (name withheld at request of client) was having trouble with a hydrogen pipe that runs across the Mississippi River from International Terminals in Port Allen, LA, USA. READ MORE »

Juice Heater - Sugar Mill Case Study

Because of Corrosion Under Insulation, a sugar mill in Louisiana had to replace a juice heater in its refinery. READ MORE »

Kinder Morgan Control Cabinets

After hearing about Mascoat’s high reflectivity coating, Mascoat Industrial-HR, the company sought out a more cost effective solution and turned to Mascoat for a trial application. READ MORE »

LNG Propelled Chemical Tanker

This chemical company wanted to ensure that the materials used were not only top quality, but could be installed on the stringent time frame of the build. They sought out Mascoat Sound Control-dB for various reasons. READ MORE »

M/T Amalia - Energy Retention

North Sea Tanker Management BV is the ship manager for a fleet of chemical tankers. Steam pipes on the M/T Amalia were constantly having problems with CUI. READ MORE »

Mascoat Marine-DTM Application – M/V Kennicott

Over 400 gallons of Mascoat Marine-DTM were applied inside the port and starboard solariums for thermal barrier and condensation control. READ MORE »

Mascoat Protects Crew Safety and Comfort in Noisy Tugs

Blessey had installed new, larger engines then in the past and the new engines were creating a louder environment on the vessel then they were used to in the past. Since the company takes such good care of their crew, they decided to set out and find a way to quiet the boats down. READ MORE »

Mascoat Saves Millions of BTU/Hour for Gulf Coast Refinery

A refinery in Port Arthur, Texas contacted Mascoat in fall 2012 to help solve the Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) problem they were having on one of their #6 fuel oil storage tanks. READ MORE »

Mascoat Saves School District $130,000

Mascoat helped four schools in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio that were experiencing condensation on their air conditioning units. READ MORE »

Mascoat Solves PP and CUI Issues In Sweltering Saudi Arabia

Controlling temperature in the Middle East is an unrelenting task. Scorching air temperatures combined with hot refining processes in industrial facilities can result in extremely hazardous working environments. READ MORE »

Mascoat Sound Control-dB Completely Solves Noise Issues in Amsterdam

A waste service company in Amsterdam was having issues with the amount of noise being produced by their bare steel (dump) containers in residential areas. READ MORE »

Metal Building, Rockport, TX

Mayfield had seen Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC coating used on a boathouse in his neighborhood and hoped the roof-and-wall-specific insulation coating would make his shop cooler and more comfortable. READ MORE »

Mississippi River Cruise Ship

In February of 2012, Chesapeake Shipbuilding contacted a representative from Mascoat concerning sound issues in one of the ship’s lounges and several of the staterooms. READ MORE »

Modified Shipping Containers

The product, Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC, attacks heat or cold penetration before it ever enters the substrate. READ MORE »

Moisture Absorption – Mining Truck Cabins (Artic Circle)

While conventional insulation material can be subject to moisture absorption, which can affect its thermal properties and promote corrosion, DTM can eliminate condensation issues and will not absorb moisture. READ MORE »

Morton Grain

A Perth based grain facility was concerned with their grain refining process by which steamed grain was transferred into distribution hoppers. READ MORE »

Motor Yacht Turmoil Case Study

Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating was used in combination with fire insulation. This combination provided performance unseen in other typical ice class vessels. READ MORE »

Noise Reduction of Glycol Pumps

Glycol Pumps are used in many industrial and mining applications to strip the natural gases and natural gas liquids of their water content. READ MORE »

North Carolina’s Ferry System

Not only would the coating provide superior thermal barrier protection and stop the condensation and corrosion, it was much quicker and more cost effective to install than conventional insulation. READ MORE »

North Sea Tanker Management M/T NST Leoni

To protect the crew, the ship manager asked Repair Management, to come up with a solution to adequately protect their workers and they advised the company to apply 2.5 mm DFT of the Mascoat Marine-DTM Coating. READ MORE »

Offshore Platform

When Alan Jamison of Delta Engineering was tasked with building an offshore platform keeping weight to a minimum was a top priority. One major area for weight savings that Jamison believed was of the utmost importance was thermal protection. READ MORE »

Packaging Manufacturer

A packaging company in Texas was having this problem in their facility. The temperature of the pipe can affect the amount of angel hair, so the company looked to Mascoat for their insulation solution. READ MORE »

Palmer Johnson Yachts Case Study

When Palmer Johnson found out about Mascoat, they were somewhat skeptical of this new type of technology. READ MORE »

Paper Mill Case Study

At a paper mill in Virginia, the output of the dryer cans on one of their Fourdrinier machines was less than anticipated when the machine was put into service. READ MORE »

Pasadena Refinery Crude Line

Mascoat performed a Thermal Analysis Request (TAR), which showed that under the 120 mils (3 mm) of Mascoat, the temperature would only increase a fraction of a degree. The TAR was confirmed and the refinery’s process ran smoothly with no issues of radiant heat gain. READ MORE »

Pasadena Refinery Crude Oil Pipeline - CUI Prevention

Pasadena Refinery had a problem that most have with CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) but in somewhat of an unusual manner. READ MORE »

Personnel Protection - Marco Polo Platform

In May of 2005, Mascoat was called offshore to review a problem that Anadarko was having on their Marco Polo Platform. READ MORE »

Petroleum Storage Tanks Case Study

An East coast petroleum company that has storage facilities across the United States had a problem at one facility that they could not solve. READ MORE »

Phillips 66 Piping

In late 2011, Phillips 66 (then, Conoco Phillips), a global leader in petroleum refining, met with a Coating Specialist from Mascoat about an issue they were experiencing with much of their outdoor piping and equipment at their Bayway, NJ facility. READ MORE »

Pierce Fire (Florida)

Mascoat Transportation DTA is easy to apply and Pierce likes the added value of the sealing and protection the coating offers to the substrate. READ MORE »

Pierce Fire (Wisconsin)

Pierce employees have stated that application of the coating is much easier than conventional insulation and commends the value of the coating. READ MORE »

Poly Tank - Reduction of Solar Heat Gain

Mascoat Industrial – DTI was recommended as the solution that would be long-term and durable while reducing solar heat gain. READ MORE »

Recreational Trawler (Yacht)

As on almost all their builds, Wim van Der Valk uses Mascoat Sound Control-dB because of its excellent performance, fast application, and light weight system. READ MORE »

Reducing Radiant Heat Gain in Southeast Texas

After record-breaking summers in 2011 and 2012, companies around the country have been looking for unique and innovative ways to keep their facilities’ internal temperatures more manageable. READ MORE »

Reduction of Solar Heat Gain & CUI

In New South Wales, a large scale power plant struggled to maintain a steady temperature of the gas that ran through extensive pipe work within the plant. READ MORE »

Reduction of Solar Heat Gain for Electrical Cabinets

Mascoat’s insulating coatings provide an alternative solution to conventional insulating materials and are used onshore/offshore across all industries as well as for commercial and residential applications to sheds, roofs, garages and areas requiring a reduction in solar heat gain. READ MORE »

Reinauer Transportation Case Study

After meeting with Mascoat and testing the coatings, Reinauer decided to apply both coatings to their newest build, the Ruth Reinauer. DTM was applied to the pilothouse, exterior hull, engine rooms and other various areas. READ MORE »

Residential House

The objective of this experiment was to quantify energy savings based on Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC thermal insulating coating applied to a brick structure of the house and validate energy savings over a year time. READ MORE »

RoadTrek Motorhomes

RoadTrek applies Mascoat Transportation-DTA to the interior of every motorhome body they manufacture, and they are very pleased with the performance of the coating year round. READ MORE »

SEAcor Marine – Vibrational Noise

SEAcor Marine has been using Mascoat Sound Control-dB on all of their Offshore Support Vessel builds for years to help quiet the vessels down. READ MORE »

Serious Yachts

Serious Yachts chose to use Mascoat Marine-DTM because of its unique thermal insulation properties and ability to block condensation. READ MORE »

Sevicio Aeronaval

Sevicio Aeronaval (Panama’s Navy) was renovating one of its ships at the MEC shipyard. The ship was an old US Coast Guard vessel built in the 1970’s that they were completely remodeling. READ MORE »

Steam Line - Wespine Industries

The company contacted Deltacoat, Mascoats’ Australian distributor, to see if Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating could help them out. READ MORE »

Steam Pipes - CUI

C4 Costa Rica, a certified applicator for Mascoat, recommended Industrial-DTI as a solution to these issues. READ MORE »

Stena Traveller - Energy Retention

Mascoat was able to help the Stena Traveller with a thermal barrier coating, Marine-DTM to help keep their HFO tank at the proper temperature. READ MORE »

Stolt Kestrel

The Stolt Kestrel tanker, which came in for maintenance, needed a solution for the steam pipes that had severe problems with CUI. READ MORE »

Storage Tank

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita came storming through Louisiana, insulation used in industrial environments was stripped from the sides of storage tanks across the state. READ MORE »

Storage Tank Personnel Protection Application Case Study

The need for personnel protection came up with two tanks at a Refinery in Pasadena, Texas. One specific difference between this and most other tank applications is that the whole tank was not to be insulated. READ MORE »

Styrene Tower - Energy Retention & Process Stability

A Gulf Coast styrenics supplier used Mascoat Industrial-DTI for energy retention and process stability. Read the whole case study here! READ MORE »

Sweetener Supply Heat Exchanger – Brookville, IL

Even though this sweetener manufacturer has an enclosed facility, there are still many ways for moisture to get under the insulation causing CUI just like an outdoor manufacturing facility. READ MORE »

Tank Applications with Mascoat Industrial-DTI

Preview of various tank applications with Mascoat Industrial-DTI. READ MORE »

Tepsa Storage Tank - Energy Retention

After an initial meeting with Mascoat representatives from the Holland office, officials at Tepsa’s Bilbao facility were interested in coating one of their biodiesel storage tanks with Mascoat Industrial-DTI. READ MORE »

Thermal Coating on NOAA 55’ Catamaran

The water-based thermal barrier coating has all required certifications for marine use by ABS, USCG, DNV, Transport Canada and Lloyds. READ MORE »

Tire Molds

The client contacted Mascoat to help save energy in their manufacturing process. Using an in-house paint crew trained by Mascoat Personnel, the coating was applied to a thickness of 160 mils in 20 mil increments over 2 days. READ MORE »

Truck Cabins – Reduction of Vibrational Noise Transmission

Mascoat Sound Control - dB coating is specifically designed to reduce excessive vibrational noise associated with heavy equipment and machinery within many marine vessels, offshore platforms transportation vehicles, and industrial type facilities. READ MORE »

U.S. Navy: USS Chief and USS Constellation

Mascoat Marine-DTM is currently being used inside of the catapult spaces of the aircraft carrier USCV 64 (USS Constellation,) under the supervision of Chief Bosun’s Mate Edward Jaso. READ MORE »

USCG Floating Floors

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) contacted Mascoat concerning corrosion under insulation issues on their 110-foot cutter vessels. READ MORE »

Vane Brothers – M/V Red Hook

Even though this sweetener manufacturer has an enclosed facility, there are still many ways for moisture to get under the insulation causing CUI just like an outdoor manufacturing facility. READ MORE »

Ventilation Duct – Vibrational Noise Reduction

Mascoat Sound Control – dB is a multipurpose spray on sound control coating that has been utilized within industrial applications, for the reduction of vibrational and excessive noise issues within onshore and offshore projects to areas such as in pumps, ducting, generator housings, and more. READ MORE »

Vibrational Noise Reduction

Offshore facilities can pose many dangerous risks to employees and personnel and any effort to reduce these is issues are embraced. READ MORE »

Warehouse Walls

DeltaCoat Pty Ltd, Mascoat’s Australian distributor, was approached for an application on a company warehouse to reduce solar heat gain, heat transfer, and combat condensation issues appearing internally due to the difference of internal/external temperatures. READ MORE »

Water Line Condensation – Dow Chemical

The Dow facility in Midland, Michigan turned to Mascoat to combat a major condensation and corrosion problem on the main pipeline that brought water into the plant. READ MORE »

Weak Liquor Tank Case Study

Grief Paper, founded in 1926, was having problems with energy retention and personnel protection. Both of these issues were due to the fact that they had no insulation on many of their machines and tanks. READ MORE »

WeatherBloc Mechanic Case Study

The metal roof and walls of Paul Mayfield’s mechanic shop were getting up to 145˚F (62˚C) during the summer, making working inside during the middle of the day unbearable. READ MORE »

West Coast Refinery Fuel Oil Tank Roofs

A refinery on the United States West Coast had coated a fuel oil storage tank roof, in late 2007, with 80 mils Mascoat Industrial-DTI (DTI). Pleased with the outcome, it was decided to move forward with an application on an adjacent tank roof in the plant. READ MORE »

Wim Van der Valk Yachts Case Study

After applying Mascoat Sound Control-dB coating engine sounds and noises are reduced to a minimum. READ MORE »

Wind Farm Support Vessels

WFSV (wind farm support vessels) are similar to offshore support vessels, being used as a taxi for maintenance crew on offshore wind farms. READ MORE »

Yacht Builder Case Study

When the yacht builder was researching sound and thermal protection solutions, they knew that conventional insulation methods had their drawbacks when it came to design. READ MORE »

Yacht Ilona by Amel in Holland

DTM is water-based and classified as a fire retardant by Lloyd’s Register. READ MORE »