Luxury yachts deserve high-tech protective coatings that will prevent external water temperatures from impacting interior comfort—and minimize unsettling noise and vibration. When it’s time to insulate vessels, choose Mascoat Marine-DTM for optimal durability and efficiency. 

At Mascoat, we know that it can take hours (one hour per 10 sq. ft.) to install pin-and-blanket insulation. That’s why we’re proud of our spray-on marine product—which speeds application by 16 times or more. With Mascoat, there’s no seven to 10 days waiting period for conventional insulation installation.    

Designed to save space, expand design options and streamline watercrafts, Mascoat Marine-DTM is a high-tech, protective coating proven to insulate and prevent condensation. While traditional insulation is bulky (2-3 in. thick), Mascoat's products add only .5 to 2 mm to yacht walls and floors. In addition, Mascoat’s lightweight formulation reduces vessel weight by up to .95 pounds per square foot.

Yacht Thermal Insulating Coating Heesen

Mascoat is the only insulating yacht coating on the market with approvals from all major marine agencies, and vessel owners experience a number of advantages when they trust their protection to our award-winning product family.

Yacht Thermal Coating Benefits include:

  • Low-maintenance thermal and acoustic formulation
  • Substrate moisture protection for extended vessel life
  • Short, easy application—even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Reduced noise and vibration for comfortable, relaxing ride
  • Perfect for insulating walls, pipes, stiffeners, overheads and other equipment


Contact Mascoat today to learn more about product application, inquire about insulation pricing or request more information about the Mascoat family of products.

Mascoat Yacht Coatings