Technical Data

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The 73.69 m yacht, Ilona, built by Amel in Holland won this year's “Showboats Award” for technical advancement.  The pictures below show the extensive use of Mascoat Marine-DTM, a very efficient, thin thermal insulating coating that is used to replace or enhance conventional marine thermal insulation systems.  Very light at 5.2 lbs/gallon wet, DTM is water-based and classified as a fire retardant by Lloyd’s Register. 


Normally applied at 40 to 60 mils (1.0 -1.5 mm), the coating provides equal protection when compared to 2-3” of conventional batt or rigid foam insulation systems.  Applied on all bulkheads, ceilings and structural framework, Mascoat Marine-DTM provides thermal insulation and anti-sweating protection together with sound dampening and noise absorption. 


Mascoat Marine-DTM provides an excellent foundation coating and can be applied after batt insulation’s hangers are installed.  While eliminating condensation from surfaces, DTM also reduces moisture absorption in adjacent fiberglass batt insulation; helping ensure that insulation can better maintain its integrity.


Welding hangers or fasteners onto metal bulkheads or ceilings after Mascoat Marine-DTM is applied does not present any fire hazard or dangerous smoke.  The operating temperature range is from negative 60° to 350°F.  This also allows for a broad range of uses for insulation and personnel protection.