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Yacht with Insulation Coating


Yacht Builder's Success with Mascoat Thermal Coatings



An elite yacht builder, located on the Gulf Coast of the United States, has earned its place as one of the world’s newest elite builders of custom superyachts with an emphasis on European quality steel and aluminum constructions. As a shipbuilder that offers customers to build any design up to 400 feet, plans change from vessel to vessel. To keep this process as fluid as possible, they needed to be able to depend on their suppliers to tailor to the demands of the customer, no matter how different one vessel is from the one before.


When the yacht builder was researching sound and thermal insulation solutions, they knew that conventional insulation methods had their drawbacks when it came to design. Pin-and-blanket thermal insulation has to be custom fitted for each different yacht design, which eats up valuable time in the construction process. Sound damping tiles have to be meticulously placed one at a time to ensure that the customer enjoys the benefits of true sound damping insulation. What they needed was insulation that could be applied quickly and work effectively, no matter the design of the yacht. They found their answer in Mascoats’ family of marine thermal barrier coatings and The Mascoat Advantage 


Yacht with Insulation Coating

The yacht builder began using Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating in 2000 to protect their yachts against heat transfer and condensation control after a horrible failure with a blown-in style insulation. The yachts built at their yard need to be able to travel from the chilly waters of the North Atlantic to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean without causing any inconvenience in the living quarters. Mascoat MarineDTM’s superior thermal insulating abilities were perfect for their needs, in that the coating is sprayed on like paint, and provided immediate insulation and anti-condensation abilities. This allowed them to guarantee their customers effective thermal insulation no matter what design and configuration that the customer wanted.


The interior coating package designer has said, “Mascoat Sound Control-dB is an excellent product for aluminum construction yachts, as its damping to weight ratio is excellent”.

Yacht with Insulation Coating

The production manager at the yacht builder enjoys using Mascoat’s marine coatings because they allow the yard to reduce manufacturing times, weight and space. Crews have commented that the sound damping, anti-condensation and heat transfer abilities of Mascoat Marine-DTM and Sound Control-dB are the same or superior to conventional sound and thermal insulation that they have seen used in the past.