Technical Data

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Shipyard: South Boat Special Projects
Coating Used: Sound Control-dB


WFSV (wind farm support vessels) are similar to offshore support vessels, being used as a taxi for maintenance crew on offshore wind farms. These vessels are mainly not insulated very well, as the comfort level doesn’t have to be very high. One issue that every vessel that must be dealt with is noise. This is not only for the comfort of the crew, but more importantly their safety. Loud noises over time can cause hearing loss, a major issue on marine work vessels.



Since the wind farms are situated in windy areas, the high-speed boats traveling through these areas are subject to high winds. They can cause the interiors of ships to become incredibly noisy, making it unsafe and uncomfortable for anyone on board. Always trying to stay ahead of their competition, South Boats wanted to find a solution for this issue. They found a resolution with Mascoat Sound Control-dB. The thin, lightweight coating is easily applied to irregular surfaces. The company began applying to the outer walls, and this has effectively solved the problem.


Since beginning to use the coating, the company has reported that all boats coming out of their yard are safer and more comfortable for all those onboard.