Technical Data

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Shipyard: Wim van der Valk Yachts
Year completed: 2010
Coating used: Mascoat Sound Control-dB

Wim Van der Valk Yacht with Insulation Coating


Waalwijk’s Wim van der Valk Yachts is one of the Dutch market leaders in building luxury yachts for over 40 years. Every specialist knows what the name Wim van der Valk stands for elegant top quality. That is an image earned through many years of extremely hard work by a devoted team of specialists. The result today is a beautiful range of gorgeous yachts. Each with a stunning design, and each perfected down to the last detail. Wim van der Valk Yachts combine the best of two worlds: solid, dependable and extra strong, yet modern and stylish with a classical touch.

Wim Van der Valk Yacht with Insulation Coating


What’s worse than sailing your luxury yacht surrounded by engine noise and wave sounds? This is certainly the case with the conventional way of insulating of luxury yacht. After applying Mascoat Sound Control-dB coating engine sounds and noises are reduced to a minimum.


Wim van der Valk started using Mascoat Sound Control-dB, when they saw the need to reduce the excessive noise caused by wave slapping at high speeds and the structural/vibration noise caused by the engine. After applying three coats of 40 mils each the noises were reduced to a minimum, which provided a higher quality yacht and much quieter living spaces. They were so happy with the results that they are going to apply Mascoat Sound Control-dB on all of their new luxurious yachts.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB is fast applied, lightweight compared to sound damping tiles, meets IMO/SOLAS guidelines and there is no risk of water entrapment. The coating’s technology minimizes loud vibration due to the structural translation and mechanical output – which significantly increases safety and ensures vessel comfort for crew and passengers. So now owners can really enjoy peace and silence on the water (especially while sailing!).