Prison Building CoatingThermal Corrosion Solutions (TCS), a Mascoat Specialist, began working with a West Tennessee prison that house 3,300 inmates, one of the largest in the state.  Prison systems throughout the US are governed by a strict set of guidelines and have to adhere to them or risk losing government funding. Because of the facility’s age, it is a laborious task keeping it operating efficiently. In the Southern region of the United States, one of these operating requirements is the HVAC system during summer months. By law, prisoner­­s must be housed in an environment below 80°F with 74°F being the target temperature.

TCS went through the facility and identified that solar loading on the buildings was the main problem demanding more BTU cool air from the HVAC units every day. TCS presented thermal insulating coatings to the prison facility staff focusing on Mascoat WeatherBloc-HRC. Their response, “Can this product reduce the heat load, help seal our buildings and lower our utilities?” The client was delighted when they heard that the answer was a resounding “yes” to all three areas.

Like any potential client that hears of a catchall solution, the management was skeptical but willing to try out the product. To subside their hesitation, a small test application was performed so that the management could see real-world results before committing to the product. The outcome proved to be exactly as promised. The facility further contracted TCS to insulate approximately 80,000 sq. ft. of multiple buildings and problem areas. The prison is planning on coating every single building in the compound with WeatherBloc-HRC over the next few years.

A small sampling of areas coated with WeatherBloc-HRC and data gathered showed:                                            

The Sally Port Roof (approx. 5,000 sq. ft.)                                           

  • This facility is a check-in center for the prison where the doors open and close minute by minute.
  • The interior pre-coating conditions were 83°F with the HVAC hardly ever cycling. Post-application, the area maintained 72°F with the compressor cycling properly.

Freezer in the kitchen (serving approximately 10,000 meals per day)

  • The freezer was designed to maintain 10°F but the standard daily temperatures were 35°F with the compressor continually operating.
  • After coating 20 mils of WeatherBloc-HRC to the outside casing, the temperature inside dropped to 12°F and the compressor now cycles correctly.

Women’s Gymnasium (approx. 20,000 sq. ft.)

  • One problem with the building was that there were leaks in the concrete walls, causing mold and safety issues, along with damaging the interior building veneers and floors. Other problems included a leaking roof and a roof that was impossible to inspect or repair due to a rock ballast. Also, with 4 HVAC units operating continually, the best performance measured was 78°F, but the normal temperature inside was 83°F, which caused continual complaining from the inmates.
  • Excess rocks were removed and the roof cleaned to the best of the applicator’s ability while the walls were sealed, cleaned and prepared before installing 20 mils of WeatherBloc-HRC.
  • The day after the coating process, the prison hosted a music video presentation with over 300 guests. With only 2 units operating and the doors opened, the interior temperature was 73°F with an ambient temperature of 100°F. Moreover, a month after the application, only one HVAC unit is needed to keep up with the day-to-day needs of the building during the middle of the summer.

These are examples of the global value of what WeatherBloc-HRC offers, not just to a customer’s bottom line and comfort, but also to the environment due to a reduction in carbon emissions. Now that the USA has taken hold of the concept of carbon footprint reduction (China has already employed this concept on a large scale,) cost to savings is not the only driving factor anymore. Carbon footprint reduction concepts are leading factors now and may also qualify for government tax credits to facility owners. This is a new sales point item that should be mentioned when identifying problem-saving solutions to each and every customer. This means that it is more important than ever to help each customer really understand what is being considered in the overall view.

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