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Metal Building Coating

The metal roof and walls of Paul Mayfield’s mechanic shop were getting up to 145?F (62?C) during the summer, making working inside during the middle of the day unbearable. Mayfield had seen Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC coating used on a boathouse in his neighborhood and hoped the roof-and-wall-specific insulation coating would make his shop cooler and more comfortable.


Mascoat’s coatings are thin and spray-applied making application directly onto the 26-gauge galvanized walls and roofs of the shop easy.


A Mascoat Specialist recommended 20 mils (0.5 mm) of the coating. Since the metal was fairly new and in good shape, the only prep required was a light power washing.


Post application, the internal steel temperature went from 145?F down to just a few degrees above ambient. Mayfield has been able to return to normal working hours during the summer, saying “before, when you would but your hand against that wall, you couldn’t keep it there for more than a second or two without getting burned.  Now, it’s barely warm.  I would recommend WeatherBloc to anyone with a metal building.”