Engineered from high-quality ceramic particles and encased in a low-maintenance latex emulsion, Mascoat WeatherBloc coatings are used to insulate a variety of structure types—from converted storage containers to large commercial and industrial buildings. The WeatherBlocproduct family is easily applied, cures quickly and saves owners and contractors energy, money and time.     

Converting a cargo container to office space, housing, secure storage or a soundproof work area? Many containers are single-ply and uninsulated, making them prone to drastic temperature changes and weather damage. Mascoat WeatherBloc products are similar to paint, and can be sprayed onto most substrates. Each coating cures quickly, so your container or storage space can be quickly and comfortably put into use.

In addition, theWeatherBloc coating family is proven to:

  • Reduce Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and costly related repairs
  • Prevent injuries and falls due to interior sweating and water pooling
  • Regulate interior temperature by offering superior thermal insulation
  • Save money on heating and cooling utilities
  • Meet ASTM standards for UV-resistance, flexibility and adhesion
  • Provide superior protection for all building and facility sizes

Thermal Insulating Coating

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Whether you’re protecting new construction or retrofitting an existing structure, rely on Mascoat WeatherBloc products for superior thermal insulation. WeatherBloc coatings are a fraction of the thickness of traditional insulation, and last for years with little maintenance. Contact Mascoat today when you’re ready to insulate your building’s roof, siding, attic, crawlspace or masonry affordably—and conveniently.

Weatherbloc Application