Technical Data

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Company Name: Greif Paper
Location: Massillon, OH USA
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: Old Dominion Insulation
Thickness: 60-80mils (1.5-2.0 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel and CUI protection, energy retention

Grief Paper, founded in 1926, was having problems with energy retention and personnel protection. Both of these issues were due to the fact that they had no insulation on many of their machines and tanks. One area that was using a lot of energy and posing a large personnel risk was the weak liquor tanks in the facility.

Weak Liquor Tank with Insulation Coating

After being contacted by Andy Margarit, one of Mascoat’s Specialists, about Greif’s insulation needs, they decided to meet with Andy and test Mascoat Industrial-DTI to see if it could solve their problems. The company had to have insulation, as the tank walls were 200?F and capable of burning personnel who may come in contact with the walls. Conventional insulation had not been an option because of Corrosion Under Insulation. Due to the humid atmospheric conditions at the facility, CUI takes hold quite quickly. To prepare the steel substrate for application of the insulating coating, it was water blasted and then coated with a zinc primer. Steel is the only substrate that requires a primer before application of the product.


Over the next 2 days, 60-80 mils were applied to these tanks in 20 mil coats by a crew of 3 men. After the coating had cured, the tank walls’ temperature had been reduced to 130?F. The heat was not simply dissipated, but actually reflected back into the tank, which allows for substantial energy savings.


After the application was complete and the company could test to see the ability of the coating, it was found that there was a 20-25% reduction in energy needs for those two tanks. Also, personnel could come in contact with the tank without fear of burning themselves. Because Mascoat had solved both problems, a further 10 tanks were slated to be coated with the coating. The company also found other areas in their plant that could use Mascoat IndustrialDTI and have since coated other units throughout the facility.