Technical Data

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Company: Withheld
Project: NSW Warehouse
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Reason for application: Reduction of solar heat gain and condensation issues


Warehouse Coating


Mascoat Industrial-DTI spray-applied insulation is designed to replace conventional methods of insulation to provide personnel protection, energy retention, and corrosion protection on heated surfaces. Another benefit of the coating is its ability to reduce solar heat gain and condensation issues within commercial type applications. 


DeltaCoat Pty Ltd, Mascoat’s Australian distributor, was approached for an application on a company warehouse to reduce

Warehouse Coating


solar heat gain, heat transfer, and combat condensation issues appearing internally due to the difference of internal/external temperatures. 

Based on the structure requirements, a 1.0 mm application of DTI to the roof and walls of the warehouse would significantly reduce solar heat gain and prevent condensation.



Warehouse Coating

The client has reported that they are satisfied with the application and the coating has alleviated all of their problems.