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Company name:  Withheld
Reduce vibrational noise – Offshore Platform
Coating used: 
Mascoat Sound Control-dB
 3.0 mm
Reason for application: 
Personnel protection


Offshore facilities can pose many dangerous risks to employees and personnel and any effort to reduce these is issues are embraced. Confined to these platforms, personnel are subject to noisy conditions 24 hours a day. These vibrational noises can cause tiredness and affect working ability of personnel on site. These conditions can also pose long-term health risks for workers.


Mascoat’s Sound Control-dB coating has the ability to significantly reduce vibrational noise which effectively increases safety for personnel especially on offshore applications. Its durability and longevity mean it is an effective solution requiring minimal maintenance if any. Its formulation of special anti-vibrational fillers with sound absorption resin makes it an effective insulator while its water-based formulation also makes it environmentally friendly and ideal for confined applications.


An offshore application required a solution to vibrational noise transmission on multiple features of their operation including vibrational ducts, shafts and mushroom ducts. To provide more comfortable working conditions and a reduction in noise transmission an application of Mascoat’s sound damping coating was recommended. The coating was applied at a thickness of around 3.0 mm. While the source can be difficult to inhibit, the coating works to retard the path by which the noise is transferred. The coating, therefore, suppresses the noise by absorbing the vibrations at their originating source and blocking their path to the receiver, in this case being the outside environment and personnel in direct contact.


As a result of the application, there was a clear reduction in vibrational noise transmission and increased comfort of personnel. Its lightweight formulation and thin application also make it ideal for these circumstances where space is of concern.