Technical Data

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Company Name:  Wastewater facility NSW
Ventilation duct application
Coating used
: Mascoat Sound Control - dB
1.5 mm
Reason for application:
Reduce vibrational noise


Noise Reduction Coating for Ventilation DuctMascoat Sound Control – dB is a multipurpose spray on sound control coating that has been utilized within industrial applications, for the reduction of vibrational and excessive noise issues within onshore and offshore projects to areas such as in pumps, ducting, generator housings, and more. It tackles the problem of noise by trapping vibrational sound before its airborne release making it more effective than conventional sound insulators


To confirm to strict sound regulations, a NSW Waste Water facility employed Mascoat’s authorized distributor in Australia to provide the most cost-effective solution to reduce excessive noise produced by their industrial ventilation ducts, which ran externally throughout the facility.


On recommendation, Mascoat’s sound dampening coating was applied to the external surface of these ducts at approximately 60 mils (1.5 mm) in 20 mil coats to effectively reduce excessive vibrational noise caused by air being forced through the ventilation ducts.


After the coating was applied, there was a measurable reduction of around 8-10 decibels of the vibrational noise. This considerable decrease allowed for adherence to site regulations and added to the overall reduction needed to meet surrounding area regulations. The success of this application has since lead to approval of the coating’s use in upcoming projects within a similar type plant nearby.