Technical Data

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Vessel Owner: Vane Brothers
Vessel Name: M/V Red Hook
Year Completed: 2012
Shipyard: Chesapeake Shipbuilding, Salisbury, MD
Coating Used: Mascoat Marine-DTM
Thickness: 60–80 mils (1.5–2 mm)
Time to Complete: Coating was applied by airless spray equipment with a 3-man crew in seven days by means of 3–4 full coats to various areas of bulkheads, overheads, and the vessel’s side shell.


Many years ago, Vane Brothers of Baltimore, MD was introduced to Mascoat’s thermal barrier coating technology and started using Mascoat Marine-DTM on every build. They have been using the coating to provide thermal protection, as well as to stop condensation from forming on unwanted areas of their vessels. After using it they have been consistently happy with the results.


After a few new builds Vane decided to try a different coating. They were told it would still give them same thermal insulation and anti-condensation benefits in the same easy application, but at a slightly lower cost.


As soon as Vane started to try to apply the product, they knew that not all insulation coatings were the same. The application process with the non-Mascoat coating was much more difficult and took a whole lot longer than Mascoat’s coating. Issues ranged from frequent tip clogs, to not getting the new coating to spray at all. This cost them countless hours of productivity and money.


After unsuccessful application of the other product, they reordered Mascoat Marine-DTM, stating that they would never again use another insulating coating on their builds. They committed to using Mascoat on all future builds and said, “never again” would they try to use any other coating.


Vane Brothers latest build, the 90.2’ tug boat Red Hook, was coated with Mascoat Marine-DTM at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD.