Technical Data

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Mascoat Marine-DTM is currently being used inside of the catapult spaces of the aircraft carrier USCV 64 (USS Constellation,) under the supervision of Chief Bosun’s Mate Edward Jaso. The coating was applied to the inside walls of the Catapult room to stop heat transfer into the control room. The coating was applied to 60 mils (1.5 mm) in a three-coat system with 24 hours.

It was also applied to the ceiling to stop radiant heat transfer from the deck located directly on top of the control/catapult room. Temperature change in the room was 25°-35°F after the application. The room was reported to be more comfortable after the Mascoat Marine-DTM coating was applied.


Other applications within the vessel all produced similar results. The application was considered to be a success.


Mascoat is currently working with NAVSEA, Newport News, and other yards for specification of more uses for the coating.


The product was also being used on the minesweeper USS Chief (MCM) for condensation control. They applied the coating to the HVAC as well as the sonar room to stop condensation.