Technical Data

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Company Name:  NSW Mining Company
Truck cabin insulation
Coating used
: Mascoat Sound Control - dB
Reason for application:
Reduce vibrational noise transmission


Mascoat Sound Control - dB coating is specifically designed to reduce excessive vibrational noise associated with heavy equipment and machinery within many marine vessels, offshore platforms transportation vehicles, and industrial type facilities. It is distinctly engineered to effectively reduce vibrational noise prior to airborne release.


A well-known international mining company sought a vibrational sound dampening solution for their truck cabins to improve comfort for patrons operating the vehicles whilst offering added corrosion protection.  As a spray on insulation, Mascoat dB provided a clean, effective and lightweight solution that would not utilize much cabin space yet provide the most superior results.


Mascoat dB was applied to the internal surface of the truck cabins before internal fit- out so that all surfaces could easily be coated prior to fit out of upholstery and additional insulation material.


Once coated it was noted that the comfort of the operating truck cabins was greatly improved with a notable reduction in vibrational noise transmission.