Pipeline Heat Insulation

A proven pipeline insulation solution, Mascoat Industrial is a spray-on coating that offers energy-saving protection for any industrial or commercial environment. Since 1995, the Mascoat family has been replacing conventional insulation and providing superior results. Designed to eliminate pipeline corrosion and save you money, Mascoat is a one-part system that reduces solar loading while maintaining critical transfer temperatures. 

Traditional blanket insulation requires costly upkeep, but Mascoat Industrial products bond directly with substrates and primers for worry-free application and maintenance. In addition, our high-tech coatings can be rapidly applied while pipelines are active, so there’s no wasted crew and equipment downtime.

Transfer Pipeline Thermal Insulation

In addition to ease of application and proven durability, Mascoat Industrial offers the following advantages for pipeline environments:

  • Low-maintenance formulation that ensures product longevity
  • Simple, low-fume application for tight spaces
  • Elimination of costly Condensation Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Simplified pipeline inspectability (without conventional insulation removal)
  • Decreased energy usage due to redirection of pipe heat
  • Stabilization of internal pipeline temperatures during hot and cold product transfer


Ensure personnel and substrate protection by choosing Mascoat today. When you contact our qualified representatives, they’ll help you choose the product that fits your budget—and your project-specific application.

Tansfer Pipeline Thermal Insulation