Technical Data

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Company Name: Name withheld at request of client
Product Used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: In-house paint crew
Thickness:160 mils
Pre-Application temperature:385°F
Ambient temperature:85°F
Post-Application temperature:160°F
Reason for application: Energy retention


The client contacted Mascoat to help save energy in their manufacturing process. Using an in-house paint crew trained by Mascoat Personnel, the Industrial-DTI coating was applied to a thickness of 160 mils in 20 mil increments over 2 days.


After the molds were put back into service, the company saw that they were saving about 11% in steam usage. The company also realized that they had shortened their cycle by 10%, increasing production rates while saving energy. After the successful test, the company implemented the coatings in each of their factories. The annual savings is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, company-wide, but Mascoat is currently waiting on hard data from the customer.

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