Mascoat Thermal Insulation Products

Mascoat's family of thermal insulating paint is guaranteed to provide the barrier coating you need for your application. Whether you have a boat with condensation issues or a factory that needs to keep energy costs low, Mascoat can help. Contact Mascoat today to learn more about our thermal barrier insulation coatings and how a custom tailored solution can be made just for your application!

Benefits of Our Thermal Insulating Paints

  • Lightweight & effective
  • Low maintenance  
  • Easy one step application
  • Able to sustain moist, humid environments
  • Reduces heat-related injuries by reflecting 85% of generated heat
  • Thermal insulation capabilities up to 375 degrees

Making sure you have the right application for your process is our specialty. Outside of industrial applications, we also encourage the use of Mascoat’s thermal paint for traditional or conventional insulation. Look at how Mascoat thermal paint compares to traditional methods!

Why choose Mascoat?

Mascoat is a great alternative to conventional insulation materials, including cellular glass, perlite, mineral wool, fiberglass, urethane & closed cell foam and calcium silicate. Mascoat coatings are lighter than traditional insulation paints, reducing bulk in your structure. Mascoat also requires much less maintenance than conventional insulation, which can ultimately save you time and money. Want to get started with Mascoat? Request more information today.