Since 1995, textile manufacturers worldwide have trusted Mascoat’s Industrial line of coatings. The coatings offer superior thermal insulation for dyeing and drying ovens, washers, steam generators, steam lines and condensate lines, among other equipment.

Mascoat Industrial insulating and anti-condensation coatings are easily spray-applied, providing personnel protection and improved processes throughout textile manufacturing facilities. Best of all, the low-VOC coatings provide energy retention to each coated machine; requiring less energy, for the equipment to work with an equal amount of steam, saving costs and reducing pollution.

Industrial Textile Insulation

Our coatings supply thermal insulation up to 375?F (190?C), allowing machinery to be cool to the touch and provide protection from heat-related injuries. Staff also benefit from a reduction in working temperatures throughout the facility, as Mascoat’s insulating coatings keep the heat inside of the manufacturing machines.

The spray-on formula makes them ideal for hard-reach places and does not require the equipment to be shut down during application. Maintaining the facility is easy after application. Mascoat’s Industrial Coatings withstand regular cleanings, humidity and prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI.)

Mascoat is committed to improving textile manufacturing processes and providing innovative solutions to conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint. We offer services such as on-site consultations and application training, as well as a custom thermal analysis to demonstrate your ROI.