Technical Data

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Client Name and Location: Sutphen (Fire Apparatus) – Springfield, Ohio

Date of Application: Ongoing

Mascoat Representative: Paul McMillion

Applicator: CS&SS Paint and Body Shop

Coating Used: Mascoat Transportation-DTA

Primers: No primer needed as it is applied to a lightly scuffed aluminum


  • Entire Underbody
  • Doghouse (engine bay) of the cab
  • All fenders and wheel wells

Dimensions: 150-200 ft2 (14-18.6 m2) per vehicle

Reason for Application: To protect the crew and equipment from radiant heat gain and heat transfer into the cabin from the motor and exhaust.

Mils Applied: 20-40mils (0.5-1.0 mm)

Time to Complete: Approximately 2 hours per cab

Post Application Results: The Company reports a noticeable difference both on the heat transfer into the cab and there is some noise reduction from the motor and wheels, which has made communication easier within the cab. 

Energy savings (as determined by client): They have not provided any information on energy savings but have reported that the Air Conditioning units perform more efficiently as a result of the coating keeping external heat out.

Application Notes: Sutphen enjoys the ease of application versus cut and paste styles of vehicle insulation, mainly because the coating can be applied to hard to reach areas, such as corner and irregular shaped geometry. Added to that, the coating completely protects whatever substrate it is applied to by completely blocking the elements. The coating’s Fire Safety Approval (FMVSS 302) insures that the coating will not contribute to a fire, should one break out in the vehicle, meaning more protection for the crew inside.


Pierce Fire Truck