Technical Data

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Vessel: 90 meter Guido Perla Platform Supply Vessel 

Year completed:  2012

Shipyard:  Detroit Brazil Shipyard

Reason for coating: Sound damping

Coating used: Mascoat Sound Control-dB at various thicknesses

Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment to various areas including the engine room and bow thruster areas


With the world’s oil boom in full force, one of South America’s largest petrochemical companies decided to expand its offshore drilling presence in a 20 year expansion plan. With the addition and construction of all the new platforms underway, the company knew that it needed a new fleet of Platform Supply Vessels to support the operations.


With that in mind, they contacted one of the world’s leading designers of PSV’s, Guido Perla and Associates (GPA) out of Seattle WA. GPA did all the design work and used all of the latest technology. Because of the vessel’s size and the type of work they would be doing, they used some extremely large, powerful engines and bow thrusters. Unfortunately, with that type of equipment comes lots of structural born (vibration) noise.


Knowing that this noise would be an issue, GPA incorporated the spraying of Mascot Sound Control-dB in many areas of the vessel, included the engine rooms, thruster areas, and some accommodations as well. They know they need to keep these boats as quiet as possible in order to keep the crew happy and productive.


Detroit Brazil has been building these boats as fast as they can over the past few years to keep up with the demand and they see no slowdown in sight. They love the performance of the coating and how quiet these vessels are and will continue to use on each and every boat they produce.