Technical Data

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Client Name and Location: Styrenics Supplier – Gulf Coast, TX


Date of Application: November 2014


Mascoat Representative: Travis Creech


Applicator: Brand


Coating Used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI


Primers: Highland 475-R Dry Fall Epoxy


Application: Styrene Tower


Dimensions: 121 ft x 32 ft (36 m x 10 m)


Reason for Application: Energy Retention and Process Stability


Mils Applied: 80 mils (2 mm)


Time to Complete: 2 weeks


Starting surface/internal temperature/decibels: 175F-210F


Post Application Surface/internal temperature/decibels:


ROI Estimate (as determined by TAQ): The ROI on product was determined to be 14 months, but energy was not as important to them as process control during rain showers and visual inspection of the tower.


Application Notes:  The application was done during the winter, but this wasn’t a problem because it was done when the tower was in service.  The low ambient temperatures were not important because the coating was force cured by the 200?F (93?C) surface.


Quote from end user and/or applicator: “We have several plants in the area and I am going to setup a meeting so we can show them what we have done here. I think they are going to want to do the same.”



 Styrene Tower Case Study