Technical Data

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Company Name: Withheld
Location: New Orleans, LA USA
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: Brock Maintenance
Thickness: 40 mils (1.0 mm)
Reason for application: Energy retention, personnel protection, weather-ability


Before Mascoat Industrial Insulation

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita came storming through Louisiana, insulation used in industrial environments was stripped from the sides of storage tanks across the state. The client had a particularly dangerous situation because when the insulation was ripped off, the Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) was so severe that the walls of the tank were in danger of failing.


The client knew that they had a big problem even before the storm because when an inspector drilled into the sidewall and the drill punched all the way through the tank wall with little effort. The management knew that there had to be a better solution and they consulted with a B&H Distributors of Baton Rouge, LA for the solution to solve their CUI problem when using insulation.


B&H Distributor’s Johnny Thorning identified Mascoat as the perfect solution to The client’s problem. Mascoat was notified of the possibility of a large tank application using its thermal insulation coating. With the parameters provided by the client, such as ambient temperature and the size of the tank, Mascoat’s Engineering Department performed calculations to specify the optimal thickness to give equal insulation qualities as before.


It was determined to apply 40 mils to the tank. Brock Maintenance, a certified Mascoat applicator, applied the product in a two coat system on top of newly primed surface. The application was rapid, and its aesthetic results were perfect for the client's needs.


After Mascoat Industrial Insulation


Now that the tank was insulated, and most importantly protected from the harsh Louisiana climate, the staff reported the insulation qualities were equal to the conventional insulation used previously, at a fraction of the thickness.


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