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Company Name: Withheld
Location: Pasadena, Texas
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 80-100 mils (2.0 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel protection

Storage Tank with Insulation Coating The need for personnel protection came up with two tanks at a Refinery in Pasadena, Texas. One specific difference between this and most other tank applications is that the whole tank was not to be insulated. They would only be insulating the areas that were to be exposed to personnel under normal operating conditions. Occasionally, you will find a specially fabricated section of insulation with a jacketing system around the bottom of the tank and running along the stairway in some facilities This kind of system can lead to corrosion forming under the insulation system and potentially compromising the structural integrity of the tank where the stairway is connected. To avoid the future issues that could be associated with a conventional system, the company contacted Mascoat to help with the issue. Having previously used Mascoat Industrial-DTI on a process vessel, they were aware of the benefits and capabilities of the coating.


Storage Tank-Personnel Protection with Insulation Coating

After performing thermal calculations for the two tanks being considered, Mascoat’s engineering department recommended 80 and 100 mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI respectively. Anchor Industrial Service was selected for the application. To comply with Mascoat’s warranty requirements, they sent 11 employees to Mascoat to complete the Certified Applicator Program. They were able to complete the work during a tight weather window and reported no issues during or after the application. The customer was fully satisfied with the application and is currently implementing Mascoat Industrial for much of their personnel protection needs.