For over 15 years, Mascoat Industrial has provided safe, thermal insulation for gasoline, aviation fuel, and flammable liquid storage. Using a one-step, spray-on process, Mascoat's products maintain the integrity of your storage tank vessels by eliminating costly Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Best of all, for the same cost as repainting new or aging tanks, you’ll receive Mascoat’s complete insulation system.

Insulation Coatings For Storage Facilities

In addition to high-tech degradation and rust prevention, facility managers enjoy the following benefits when they protect storage substrates with Mascoat:

  • Six- to 12-month ROI for gasoline and aviation fuel storage, 12- to 24-month ROI for other #6 oil and other products
  • Full-service coverage in only 2.0 mm coating thickness
  • Minimized heat loss and a 35-percent reduction in gasoline evaporation
  • Quick application and rapid cure rates
  • Environmentally friendly, low-VOC formulation
  • Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions without insulation break-down

Insulating Coating on Storage Tank Applying Insulating Coating to Storage Tank

Advantages of Mascoat Thermal Insulation

Unlike conventional insulation, which slows the dissipation of tank heat, Mascoat's coatings reflect heat back into operational tanks. Because of this, Mascoat maintains tank temperature, generates significant energy savings and improves operational efficiency. In addition, our family of coatings protects personnel from burn and leak injuries and makes it easy to walk on tank equipment for regular inspection and maintenance. We offer a range of industrial coatings, including Industrial-DTI, Industrial-AC (Anti-Condensation), and Industrial-HR (Highly Reflective)

Storage facilities dealing with #6 crude and heavy oils trust Mascoat to insulate condensate return tanks, boilers, and steamlines. For oils and chemicals that require heating, Mascoat prevents tank corrosion while stabilizing the tank temperatures required for product quality. To learn more about companies who have used Mascoat Industrial-DTI for tank applications, view our list here

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