Technical Data

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 Company name: Stena Line BV

 Vessel: M/V Stena Traveller

 Coating: Mascoat Marine-DTM

 Applicator: Repair Management

 Thickness: 80 mils (2.0 mm)

 Reason for application: Energy retention


Like most large vessels, the Stena Traveller has an HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) tank onboard. To ensure proper viscosity, the oil inside is kept between 167°F and 194°F (75°C and 90°C) to keep the oil pumpable. To ensure the oil stayed at temperature and to conserve angry, the company wanted a marine-grade thermal barrier protection installed.


The owner of the vessel called in Mascoat to test its thermal anti-condensation coating, Marine-DTM, on the tank. During this time, Mascoat also produced a thermal engineering study to test how effective the coating would be. Based on the preliminary results, the owner thought Mascoat would have the best solution for them based on return on investment figures.


According to Mascoat’s engineer, it was determined that 80–100 mills (2.0-2.5 mm) would be the most cost-efficient application. The coating was applied by Repair Management in 20 mil (0.5 mm) coats over a period of 3 days. With the successful application, the tank was put back into service. The client reported a return on investment, based on steam usage, within 6 months.