As winter arrives, application conditions in the Northern Hemisphere are becoming less favorable.  Here are a few reminders when dealing with colder ambient conditions:

  • In optimal ambient conditions we only recommend a maximum 60 mils (1.5 mm) DFT in a workday.  So, as the temperatures become cooler, you should reference Mascoat’s dry time chart and make a decision as to what DFT is acceptable for one day. Some situations may require you to only recommend one coat of 20 mils (0.5 mm) per day until the job is completed.
  • Remember, once the temperature drops below 50?F (10?C) the drying/curing process will stall.  Be sure to factor this into your total dry time per coat and cure time for the overall application.
  • For anti-condensation applications, be sure to closely monitor ambient conditions.  In order to have a successful application, you need to make sure the coating is fully cured before the piece of equipment is put back into service.  This means 72 hours at temperatures over 50?F (10?C).

These are just a few key points to remember when the days become less-than-perfect for outdoor applications. Knowing these things and being conservative when estimating timeframes can help lead you toward a successful application.