At Mascoat, we put your crew’s safety and comfort first. All equipment causes vibrations (noise) that transmit throughout a vessel or housing. This noise is not only dangerous to personnel but can also cause crews to become less productive because of discomfort.  Mascoat Sound Control-dB is specifically designed to deaden noise caused by metal structural translation. This acoustic dampening allowing vessel owners to offer a safe and comfortable working environment. See our sound damping video below.

With the new IMO regulations regarding sound and noise onboard vessels becoming more and more stringent, Mascoat's industrial sound dampening coating can help owners, shipyards, and marine designers meet those noise requirements in an efficient, effective, and economical fashion.

Sound Control-dB is available in white and light gray colors and is sold in 5-gallon pails. To purchase, please fill out our Request More Information form.

In addition to our industrial Sound Control-dB product, we also offer an isolation mount and rail system to further reduce noise and vibration on marine vessels. 

Documents Specs
  • CONTAINER SIZE: 5 Gallons (18.92 Liters)
  • COMPONENTS: One-part (inclusive)
  • COAT THICKNESS: 20 mils (0.5 mm) dry
  • COVERAGE PER GALLON: 40–45 ft2 at 20 mils DFT (1.0 m2 at 0.5 mm)
  • WEIGHT WET: 13.9–14.1 lbs/gallon (1.7 kg/liter)
  • WEIGHT DRY: 0.23 lbs/ft2 @ 20 mils (1.15 kg/m2 @ 0.5 mm)
  • VOC CONTENT: 0.29 lbs/gallon (34.7 g/liter)
  • VOLUME SOLIDS: 55.9%
  • COLOR: White, light grey. Custom tinting with minimum quantity ordered.
  • SHEEN: Flat
  • BASE: Water-based acrylic sound damping coating
  • CHLORIDES: Low to none
  • ELONGATION: Above 30%
  • ADHESION: 100% 5B
  • PERMS: 0.86
  • ACCELERATED AGING: Excellent (2,000+ hours)
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: Moderate to high
  • FIRE RATING: IMO A653 (16) approved
  • IMO/SOLAS: Compliant
  • APPLICATION TEMPS: 50–300?F (10–150?C)
  • RECOAT: 30-120 Minutes
  • TOPCOATING: Please contact Mascoat
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Airless sprayer
Success Stories

Mascoat Sound Control-DB Spray-On Insulation 5-gallon bucketVisit our sound damping page to learn more about the difference between sound damping and soundproofing.

Mascoat Sound Control-dB is easily applied with a sprayer—even in hard to reach places. In addition, the coating cures quickly and can be applied while equipment is functioning, so there’s no lost production time or wasted manpower. Mascoat’s engineered products protect workers from heat and chemical exposure while reducing vibration and noise in a variety of industrial and marine situations.

Sound deadening paint applications include:

  • Throughout Marine Vessels (Workboats and Yachts), such as:
    • Engine and generator rooms
    • Bow thruster areas
    • Accommodation space
    • Wave slap areas
    • Machinery spaces
  • Other uses include:
    • Motors and transformers
    • Metal ducts and vents
    • Machine housing
    • Fans, condensers and HVAC systems
    • Assembly line equipment
    • Mills and grinders
    • Tanks and storage vessels

Color Options

Sound Damping Coating Color Options

When you need to reduce the noise and vibration levels caused by resonating metal, rely on Mascoat Sound Control-dB. Requiring minimal application effort, the coating goes on quickly and last for years with little to no maintenance. And unlike conventional insulation, Sound Control-dB significantly reduces corrosion under insulation (CUI)—which can cost your vessel or facility thousands a year in equipment and insulation replacement.

Lowering noise prior to its airborne release, our coatings also keep equipment viewable and safe for regular inspection. Contact the Mascoat team today to learn more about how our cost-effective sound control solutions can benefit your vessel, manufacturing facility, plant or warehouse.

The following graphs show the non-coated version of a bell vs. a coated bell. The relationship of the graph is decibels (dB) on the "Y" axis (vertical area) and time of the vibration or sound on the "X" axis (horizontal area).

 Sound Compare Non-Coated Bell vs Coated Bell

Don't believe it? Watch a demonstration below and hear the difference.

To purchase your own sound damping product, fill out our Request More Information form today! Sound Control-dB is sold in 5-gallon pails.

Mascoat Sound Control Approvals


Class NK Approval
Rina Approval ABS Approval US Coast Guard Approval Russian Maritime Approval
DNV Approval Lloyd's Register Approval