Mascoat understands how important it is to reduce structural-borne vibration and sound aboard ships and vessels, in large vehicles, and in industrial facilities to keep people safe and comfortable from extremely loud noise. In today’s maritime environment, safety and comfort from noise are of utmost importance. Recently, the IMO has updated and made maximum sound levels aboard marine vessels more stringent to further protect crew members from dangerous noise levels. Today, sound levels on vessels have to be lower than they have ever been in the past. Mascoat now has 2 solutions to help industrial control vibration, sound cancelation and therefore noise, to help these different industries ensure their employees, passengers, and others are safe and comfortable.

Mascoat is proud to offer Sound Control-dB, an acrylic, spray-application coating that dampens vibrations and prevents noise from propagating throughout a metal vessel, vehicle, or work area. It is currently in service around the world, in many different industries and areas.

More recently, Mascoat has introduced VBS Brackets and Rail System meant to decouple ceiling and wall panels from a ship’s superstructure. This can help reduce vibrations emanating from metal panels throughout a vessel and therefore prevent unnecessary noise from filling work and leisure areas on board. For more information about either product, please visit the pages above, or contact us today to find out how we can help control noise and vibrations in your vessel, vehicle, or facility.