Since Mascoat’s coatings in their liquid form are susceptible to damage in freezing temperatures, we've integrated and upgraded specific shipping procedures, to ensure the coatings’ integrity during winter months.

Mascoat Winter Shipment Insulation

To assist in avoiding Mascoat's coatings being subjected to freezing temperatures more than they need to be, we monitor the National Temperature Forecast daily and make an effort to avoid shipping when our products will be held in a package terminal or truck over the weekends.

This season, we are including new, easy-to-read, low temperature indicators with each shipment. These new indicators utilize a chemically activated, irreversible dye color change (deep purple) that occurs when the monitored environment reaches freezing. If that happens, please contact Mascoat.

In addition to the indicators, Mascoat will continue to ship our coatings using our "blankets/socks" that will be used as an "over pack" of our pallets during the winter months to help our coatings retain the temperature they need to uphold the coating's quality.

Should you have any questions or problems about product shipments during the winter months, please do not hesitate to contact the Mascoat Shipping Department at