Technical Data

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Vessel Owner: Bonsink Yacht Painters
Vessel Name: Derk Bonsink
Shipyard: Serious Yachts
Location: Zwarsluis
Coating Used: Mascoat Marine-DTM & Mascoat Sound Control-dB
Thickness: 60-80 mils (1.5-2 mm) DTM & 80-100 mills (2-2.5 mm) dB


Serious Yachts Derk Bonsink of Bonsink Yacht Painters is one of the top Yacht Painters in Holland. He is a born sailor from his early years and is still on the water. He wanted more with his knowledge and passion for boats. So it was just a matter of time before he started to build his own. The Yard “Serious Yachts” in Zwartsluis was born. While working closely with the client, they are able to build high quality custom-built boats to an unique “Serious Yacht”.


Like many high quality yachts, corrosion is always a concern. Corrosion is caused by unwanted moisture throughout a vessel interacting with different metal substrates. The moisture can come from a number of sources but condensation is almost always one of them. Serious Yachts chose to use Mascoat Marine-DTM because of its unique thermal insulation properties and ability to block condensation. Applied at 60-80 mils (1.5-2 mm) the coating also provides protection against solar loading, prevents corrosion, and keeps the internal comfort to an acceptable level.


Serious Yachts In addition to that, they are also using Mascoat Sound Control-dB, specifically designed to reduce structural and vibration noise. Applied at 80-100 mills (2-2.5 mm), it drastically reduced the vibration and the amount of noise inside the vessel. When they started the engine during the first sea trail they didn’t even notice that it was already running. Extremely happy with the results, they’ve decided to use Mascoat on all of their builds. Currently they are working on a new unique concept – the Gently 45 Low Bridge.

Serious Yachts Serious Yachts Serious Yachts