Technical Data

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Vessel Owner: SEACor
Year completed:
Gulf Craft LLC – Franklin, LA
Coating used:
Mascoat Sound Control-dB at 120 mils
Time to complete:
Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 4 man crew by means of 6 full coats to the forward sections of the catamaran pontoons


SEAcor Marine has been using Mascoat Sound Control-dB on all of their Offshore Support Vessel builds for years to help quiet the vessels down. They do this to not only adhere to their sound guidelines but also, to keep their crews comfortable and safe from hearing damage.


SEAcor has many different types of vessels from 300’ OVA’s to tugs, and even a fleet of catamarans.  They have noticed in recent builds of their catamarans that they can become very noisy.  The noise not only comes from the engine room, but from water noise hitting the pontoons causing vibration noise to travel up the hull and into crew spaces.


Since they have had a lot of recent success is quieting their vessels with Sound Control-dB in the past, they easily decided to use the coating on the catamarans.  Members from Mascoat’s Team, SEAcor’s team, and the staff from Gulf Craft all met and looked over the drawings of SEAcor’s latest build to come up with a solution to the noise issues they have seen on past builds.


It was determined that 120 mils of Sound Control-dB would be sprayed in large areas of the sidewalls and overheads in these pontoons.  These are not your normal pleasure boat Pontoons either.  They measure almost 9’ high and span the entire length of the vessel.  Due to the immense size, the vibrational noise was especially loud.


After applying the coating, SEAcor has reported that the vessels are much quieter, well within personnel protection standards. Both SEAcor and their crews are much happier and more comfortable aboard these vessels. The coating is being applied to all future SEAcor catamaran builds.