Technical Data

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Owner: Reinauer Transportation
Vessel: Ruth Reinauer
Year completed: 2009
Coating used: Zinc Primer, Mascoat Marine-DTM at 80 mils (2.0 mm)
Reason for application: Control thermal transfer, anti-condensation, sound issues

Reinauer Transportation with Insulation Coating


Reinauer Transportation of Staten Island, NY is one of the leading owners of tugboats in the United States. Any company building seagoing vessels has two major issues they always have to deal with, condensation and high sound levels. Condensation allows corrosion to take hold in a ship, which slowly reduces the integrity of the vessel, not to mention it can negatively affect electrical equipment. High sound levels are a factor, which can harm crewmembers and is one of the leading costs of health care in the marine environment today. Reinauer also mentioned that it was getting harder and harder to find and keep the top quality crew on their vessels. With reduced sound in operation and living spaces, it has become easier to keep the crew happy and on board their ships. Thus, Reinauer has incorporated both Mascoat Marine-DTM and Mascoat Sound Control-DB on both past builds, as well as the newest member of their fleet, the Ruth Reinauer.


After meeting with Mascoat and testing the coatings, Reinauer decided to apply both coatings to their newest build, the Ruth Reinauer. DTM was applied to the pilothouse, exterior hull, engine rooms and other various areas. Delta~dB was specified to be applied to the towers, living quarters and engine rooms to control noise. Since the ship was made of steel, a zinc primer was laid down before both coatings were applied by one of Mascoat’s approved applicators, Senesco Marine.


After the ship was put to sea and put through her paces, the client called Mascoat to say that the coatings had performed exactly as promised. While traveling on the 35?F Hudson River, the hull was still warm to the touch inside the vessel, both above and below the water line. There was little to no heat being generated inside the vessel, aside from the engines. Crews aboard expressed their happiness that the living quarters were now much more insulated from the engine noise that usually reverberates throughout ships. The quarters were very comfortable and quality of life aboard the ship was improved compared to previous builds that did not employ Mascoat’s coatings.


The company has made commitments to incorporate the coatings in all future builds