Technical Data

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Company name: Water Corporation – Hopetoun Western Australia
Project:  Electrical pump distribution cabinets
Coating used:  Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC
Reason for application:  Reduce excessive solar heat gain causing cutouts and maintain cooler internal running temperatures


Mascoat’s insulating coatings provide an alternative solution to conventional insulating materials and are used onshore/offshore across all industries as well as for commercial and residential applications to sheds, roofs, garages and areas requiring a reduction in solar heat gain.


The Water Corporation approached Mascoat to provide an application for their Hopetoun electrical distribution cabinets. Situated directly on the coast and exposed to year-round, harsh weather conditions, the cabinets were prone to overheating. As a result, they would often have malfunctioned, requiring repair and maintenance on a regular basis.


Being a small community, it was discussed that the appearance of the cabinets should be presentable and in keeping with the surroundings. After meetings with the community and councils it was decided that the cabinets should compliment the colors of the surround facilities. Unlike some other conventional insulation products, Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC can be tinted to colors in line with customer requirements to provide aesthetic benefits and well as function thermally.


As a result, since these cabinets were coated with WeatherBloc-IC, the solar heat gain has been drastically reduced and since has had no reported overheating or power outages as a result.


The community was also very happy with the application as many of the citizens felt before the cabinets were unattractive, but with the application and being tinted a light blue, they were much more aesthetically pleasing for the small coastal community.