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Company name: NSW Gas Power Plant
Project: Gas Pipeline Application
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 1.50 mm
Reason for application: To reduce solar heat gain and prevent corrosion on pipework

NSW Gas Power Plant


Mascoat Industrial-DTI coating is specially formulated to reduce solar heat gain in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Its complex ceramic based structure inhibits direct transfer by blocking a direct path between the substrate surface and the originating source.


In New South Wales, a large scale power plant struggled to maintain a steady temperature of the gas that ran through extensive pipework within the plant. Situated directly in harsh weather elements, it was subject to constant solar heat gain and corrosion issues. As a result, the company was seeking an effective solution that could provide insulation and eliminate CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).


NSW Gas Power Plant

The power plant turning to Mascoat to provide a suitable insulation solution that would outlast the conventional material that had been used in the past. Mascoat’s industrial insulation coating, DTI was recommended and applied to the pipework at a thickness of 1.50 mm. Its direct adherence to the pipework provided a barrier to the external environment and therefore reduced the solar heat gain. Similarly, its direct bonding to the substrate provides a moisture barrier to the pipework preventing any corrosion from forming.


The coating outperformed conventional methods and the application allowed the gas temperature to remain at a steady temperature providing the client with an effective solution which satisfied their specific requirements.


NSW Gas Power PlantNSW Gas Power PlantNSW Gas Power Plant