Technical Data

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Client Name and Location: Wim van Der Valk, The Netherlands

Date of Application: May 2014

Mascoat Representative: Ralph Maas

Applicator: De Leeuw Yachting Service

Coating Used: Mascoat Marine-DTM

Project: Recreational Trawler (Yacht)

Vessel Length: 120.7 ft (36.8 M)

Reason for Application: Anti-condensation

Mils Applied: 20 -40 mils (0.5-1 mm)

Time to Complete: 2 Days


Recreational Trawler YachtApplication notes: The latest and largest project of the unique luxury yacht builder Wim van Der Valk is the 37M Trawler. It is a great collaboration between the shipyard and well-known designer Guido de Groot.

She features a 4-cabin layout (owner plus 6 guests) and accommodation area for a 6-person crew (divided over 3 cabins), including the captain. Her hull is equipped with the all-new AntiRoll 2 axis retractable fin stabilizing system (the first yacht worldwide fitted with such a system). The owner likes to implement the latest technologies, and decided this system was a great feature for his vessel. The fins rotate during sailing (underway) and move up and down when moored or at anchor (zero-speed). The curved, high-aspect ratio fins reduce drag compared to conventional fin systems and have a positive effect on the fuel consumption.

As on almost all their builds, the shipyard uses Mascoat Sound Control-dB because of its excellent performance, fast application, and light weight system. After learning more about the benefits of the coatings, the owner enthusiastically agreed to implement them in his vessel, due for launch in the spring of 2015.