Product names including the words "Delta" and "Delta T" in brand names were eliminated.  We no longer use the "Delta" nomenclature in any of our brands.

At that time, all of Mascoat's coatings names were changed to start with "Mascoat," and then reflect the industry and use for which it is formulated. For example, our product Delta T Marine was changed to Mascoat Marine-DTM and Delta~dB changed to Mascoat Sound Control-dB.

Industries and their corresponding new product names are broken out below. The industries are bolded and the products formulated for its use are listed below.

Mascoat Industrial

Mascoat Sound Control

Mascoat Marine

Mascoat WeatherBloc

  • Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC

Mascoat Transportation

LizardSkin, Mascoat's DIY line of automotive insulating coatings, remained unchanged.

Although the names have changed, Mascoat's formula for premium thermal insulating and sound damping coatings is the same. For more information, please contact Mascoat today.