Technical Data

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Company Name: Withheld
Location: Bay City, TX USA
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: Knight Industrial Services
Thickness: 120 mils (3.0 mm)
Reason for application: protection against radiant heat gain, anti-condensation


A company in Baytown, TX faced a major problem in one of their reactor units. The reactor ran at lower temperatures than the surrounding processes, so it was constantly under the dew point, which caused severe condensation. This condensation reduced the life of the substrate, as it was wet all of the time. Also, the unit was prone to radiant heat gain due to solar loading, increasing temperatures within the reactor beyond specified limits. To combat these problems in one application was no easy feat, and Knight Industrial of Mont Belvieu, TX was brought in to help solve the problem.


Knight Industrial had recently been introduced to Mascoat Industrial-DTI Thermal Insulating Coating. Joe Briscoe of Knight Industrial took this innovative product to Enterprize’s staff as a possible solution to their problem. Knight’s staff applied 120 mils of the coating, to the non-working surface during a shutdown. The product was allowed to fully cure and then the reactor was put back into service.


After applying Mascoat Industrial-DTI, the client reported that condensation is no longer an issue and that the line is now running within temperature parameters, as determined by plant engineers. Also, the engineers at the facility concluded that Mascoat Industrial-DTI is an effective solution in solving the radiant heat gain problem due to solar loading. As a result, Mascoat Industrial-DTI was specified for many of the same types of applications across the entire plant.