Technical Data

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Client Name and Location: Pierce (Fire Apparatus and Ambulance), Bradenton, FL

Date of Application: Ongoing

Mascoat Representative: Paul McMillion

Applicator: Internal Paint Crews

Coating Used: Mascoat Transportation-DTA

Primers: No primer needed as it is applied to a lightly scuffed aluminum

Topcoat: Standard automotive paint 

Application: The coating is used to insulate external utility boxes on the ambulance and emergency response vehicles. 

Dimensions: 75-100 ft2 (7.0-9.3 m2) per vehicle

Reason for Application: To protect the crew and equipment from radiant heat gain and heat transfer into the cabin from the motor and exhaust.

Mils Applied: 20-40mils (0.5-1.0 mm)

Time to Complete: approx. 2 hours per cab

Post Application Surface/internal temperature/decibels: They experience a noticeable difference on the heat transfer into the cabinets protecting the sensitive life-saving equipment.


Quote from end user and/or applicator: The coating is easy to apply and Pierce likes the added value of the sealing and protection the coating offers to the substrate. They also like the fact that the coating covers and penetrates the “nooks, crannies and corners” that conventional insulations cannot do or be applied. The FMVSS 302 fire safety standard is a big bonus for the added safety and protection of the crew. The ability to be top coated is a big bonus for this application, as the exterior of the utility cabinets are visible and need to be the painted to match the rest of the vehicle.


Example of Pierce Fire Apparatus and Ambulance