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Mascoat Cares about Safety in the Workplace

One of our core focuses continues to be product research and development that reduces injury risk in the workplace and gives you personnel protection you can count on. There are many hazards in the workplace; slip and fall accidents from condensation, risks revolving around CUI, burns from hot equipment, hearing loss from loud equipment and exhaustion from working around heated units. Mascoat insulating and sound damping coatings have been applied to facilities and plants around the world to protect personnel from safety hazards like these.

Mascoat Believes in Research

Our coatings can help reduce recordable injury rates while saving time, money, and manpower. Mascoat conducts detailed product research using a credible, independent coatings expert. Mascoat’s research has proven that Mascoat Industrial-DTI can successfully protect personnel from burns on surfaces at 275?F (135?C) with as little as 40 mils (1 mm) of product. Increased thickness enhances protection up to the coating’s upper limit of 375?F (190?C). 

Mascoat Personnel Protection Coatings

Mascoat Delivers ROI with Prevention

By reducing recordable injury rates and making areas around hot units more comfortable, companies are not only protecting their workers; they are reducing exposure to litigation, employee downtime, medical costs, and time spent meeting about accidents.  

Product Safety Benefits:

  • Mascoat Industrial coatings apply like most acrylic paints and are non-toxic. They are easy to install, and safe before, during and after application.
  • Mascoat coatings eliminate the need for sharp metal jacketing, which can create a new safety risk for cuts and lacerations.
  • Mascoat Industrial-AC effectively reduces condensation on chilled water lines, potable water lines and other equipment with large temperature differentials to the ambient air around it.
  • Mascoat coatings prevent corrosion. CUI is a major problem at many facilities when it comes to protecting workers. Noxious chemicals and other dangerous materials can be released if a substrate has become overly degraded due to corrosion.
  • Machinery and other substrates often transmit sounds so loud that they are dangerous to nearby personnel. Mascoat Sound Control-dB dampens noise and vibrations, ensuring a more comfortable, and much safer environment.

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To find out how Mascoat can help make your facility safer while conserving energy, contact a Mascoat representative today.