Technical Data

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Customer:Pasadena Refinery/Petrobras
Application:Crude oil pipeline
Material:Mascoat Industrial-HR
Thickness: 60 mils (1.5 mm)
Content:Crude oil


Pasadena Refinery had a problem that most have with CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) but in somewhat of an unusual manner. Crude oil was being transferred under a body of water and then above ground. Since the pipe underground was cool and then quickly heating up from solar loading above ground, the drastic temperature change was causing condensation to form underneath the insulation and on the piping.


Pitting corrosion was identified as deep as ¼” (0.63 cm) and the refinery needed an insulation system that would not only reduce the radiant heat of the sun, but also effectively prevent CUI.


After discussing the issue with a Mascoat Specialist, it was determined to apply 60 mils of Mascoat Industrial–HR. For many condensation applications, Mascoat Industrial-AC is applied, but since this problem was due to solar loading, it was decided to use the company’s High Reflectivity coating.


After the application was complete, there were no further radiant heat problems and the customer is confident that their CUI issue has been eliminated. An added bonus for Pasadena Refinery is that with the visual inspect-ability of the surface with Mascoat’s thin coating, the customer can officially take it out of their CUI program.