Offering safe, economical thermal protection for paper mills, Mascoat® Industrial coatings are ideal for insulating dryer cans, ductwork, storage vessels, tanks and other substrates. Unlike conventional insulation—which dissipates equipment heat rather than putting it to use—Mascoat redirects lost heat back into paper mill machinery. This redirection drastically improves energy costs and overall mill efficiency—which means more paper production and more revenue. In fact, most paper mill operators achieve a complete return on their Mascoat investment in just one year or less. 

Paper Mill Insulation Thermal Insulated Tank

Increase safety of your paper mill with Mascoat Coatings

Most importantly, the Mascoat Industrial family of coatings increases the safety and comfort of your paper mill crew by reducing dangerous heat and condensation coming from equipment. Equipment shutdown is prevented during insulation application, as well, since the product comes in a spray-on form that’s easily applied while machinery is in service. That means you’ll never worry about costly equipment downtime or delayed product delivery.  

If you’re frustrated about the insulation challenges of complex steam and boiler equipment, contact our qualified staff today. We’ll provide a comprehensive price quote for your paper mill, as well as recommend the best, one-part Mascoat system for your facility’s unique needs.

Mascoat Benefits

Ask about the variety of Mascoat benefits, including:

  • Improved bearing life (up to 40 percent) due to reduced equipment temperatures
  • Prevention of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Elimination of costly machinery and duct corrosion
  • Increased equipment and mill efficiency
  • Simple application for hard-to-reach spaces
  • Reduced factory temperatures and improved employee comfort


Contact a Mascoat representative today to discover how our proven coatings can reduce your energy consumption, increase paper production, protect paper mill equipment and boost your factory’s bottom line.