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Palmer Johnson Yacht with Insulation Coating











Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay, WI is one of the world’s leading builders of high-performance luxury yachts for over 80 years. Customers have chosen Palmer Johnson because of their superior reputation for high standards of excellence, innovation and performance.


When they began building their latest fleets of yachts, the same qualities that led to this reputation were not forgotten. One area they saw that could use improvement to their already high standards was the thermal and sound barrier coating applied to these luxury yachts.


For years, the shipbuilding industry has been hampered by a lack of options when it comes to thermal barrier and sound treatments on vessels. In an industry known for using every free square inch possible, bulky pin-and-blanket insulation takes up an enormous amount of room, as well as being very time consuming and labor man hour intensive.


When Palmer Johnson found out about Mascoat, they were somewhat skeptical of this new type of technology. The management, however, believed that if the technology was found to be viable, it would save time and money as well as escalate the vessel’s construction time frame. In response, they performed their own internal study of the coating vs. conventional methods over a period of 6 months. This study confirmed all of Mascoat’s claims, and thus Palmer Johnson Yachts started using Mascoat Marine-DTM and Mascoat Sound Control-dB in their newest yacht constructions.



Palmer Johnson Yacht with Insulation Coating


Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating is now applied to all of Palmer Johnson’s new builds. Mascoat Marine-DTM allows for insulation qualities comparable to conventional insulation, but in a thin coating format. To keep passenger compartments at steady temperatures, regardless of ambient conditions or heat emanating from another deck, Mascoat Marine-DTM is now applied at approximately 60 mils (1.5 mm) throughout the ships. This includes all shell stiffeners and flats, decking and exterior of tanks onboard.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating is applied to all new builds as well. Mascoat Sound Control-dB can be sprayed on quickly and works just as effectively as standard tile insulation. This ensures that the customer is not subjected to the loud noises inherent on large, ocean-going vessels. Mascoat Sound Control-dB is applied throughout Palmer Johnson vessels to protect their customers from the deafening noises coming from bow thrusters, engine compartments and stern tunnels, among other areas.


Paint Supervisor Sam Jones has said that he enjoys the clear benefits; including no danger to the environment and that the coatings are not hazardous to the personnel applying them to the vessels. Production Manager Bruce Johnson declared “application of the coatings drastically reduces installation time, allowing us to deliver vessels in a shorter time frame."