Company name: North Sea Tanker Management BV
Location: ‘s-Gravendeel
Coating: Mascoat Marine-DTM
Applicator: Repair Management Nederland BV
Thickness: 100 mils (2.5 mm)
Reason for application: Thermal barrier, personnel protection & corrosion under insulation (CUI)


North Sea Tanker Management BV is a ship management company for a fleet of chemical tankers. In the cargo pump room of one of the ships, the M/T NST Leoni, there is a heater without any insulation. When it is operational, there is a high risk of the crew bringing themselves if they came into contact with the heater. The surface temperature was approximately 250?F (120?C).


To protect the crew, the ship manager asked Repair Management, one of Mascoat’s certified applicators, to come up with a solution to adequately protect their workers and they advised the company to apply 2.5 mm DFT of the Mascoat Marine-DTM Coating. Not only is the coating excellent for personnel protection, but it also redirects heat back into the heater, increasing energy efficiency. Also, the coating prevents corrosion under insulation, a problem rampant on marine vessels.


The company has reported that they are no longer having any of the above issues thanks to the coating.