Technical Data

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Vessels: M/V Swan Quarter & M/V Sea Level
Year completed: 2011
Orange Shipbuilding, Orange, TX
Coating used:
Mascoat Marine-DTM at 120 mils
Time to complete:
A 5-man crew applied 6 full coats to overheads and canopies to provide thermal insulation and condensation control with airless spray equipment.


Like many ferries, both the M/V Swan Quarter and M/V Sea Level had car decks and overheads that were exposed to outside elements, making the areas difficult to insulate, and prone to very high levels of condensation.  Over time the condensation causes conventional insulation such as mineral wool, to become ineffective.  Additionally, since mineral wool acts like a wet sponge, it holds water against the substrate, causing corrosion and other mechanical problems.


A Mascoat Specialist determined that Mascoat Marine–DTM would be the ideal solution to resolve and prevent these issues. Not only would the coating provide superior thermal barrier protection and stop the condensation and corrosion, it was much quicker and more cost effective to install than conventional insulation. Being able to leave DTM exposed to the outside elements and still maintain a smooth, clean finish without covering the coating was an added bonus. The ferries did not need to add any panels to cover the insulation, saving additional time and money.


Over an epoxy primer, 120 mils of DTM was applied to the vessels. The short application time and easy process was a welcomed benefit. The vessels haven’t experienced any corrosion or condensation issues since application and the insulated areas are much more bearable and cooler.