Technical Data

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Company name:  Woodside
Glycol Pump Application
Coating used: 
Mascoat Sound Control-dB
4.0 mm
Reason for application: 
Reduce vibrational noise on glycol pumps


Glycol Pumps are used in many industrial and mining applications to strip the natural gases and natural gas liquids of their water content. This can be harmful later in processing due to freezing in pipework or forming hydrates, which can lead to corrosion. While this process is important, it poses a massive concern for personnel. In operation these pumps are extremely noisy and can affect hearing and pose safety risks.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB is used within many various industrial, marine, and offshore facilities to reduce excessive vibrational noise associated with equipment & equipment housings, machinery, and areas of excessive noise issues. Its ability to disrupt the sound path and minimize vibrational noise due to structural translation and mechanical output has made it a trusted product by many marine, transportation, offshore, and industrial companies worldwide.


In discussion with Mascoat specialists, an offshore platform operator chose to use the Mascoat’s sound damping coating on their glycol reciprocation pumps to reduce excessive vibrational noise, add to the overall noise reduction requirements and improve the comfort of employees working within the offshore facility.


Due to the excessive vibrational noise, a coating of 4.0 mm was applied over a number of crosshatched layers and were applied to the entire casings and covers. As a result, the coated glycol pumps showed a reduction of 8-10 decibels and up to 12 decibels in some areas adding to the overall required sound reductions within the offshore platform.


This reduction in vibrational sound meant the pumps operated more quietly, making the working environment more comfortable for personnel, while adhering to all the clients’ specific requirements.