NACE recently held their first Bring on the Heat Conference in Houston, TX. The conference was focused on heat related coatings and courses included information about Passive Fire Protection, Corrosion Under Insulation, Thermal Insulating Coatings, Thermal Spray Aluminum, and many other topics.

As the thought leader in heat related coatings, two employees from Mascoat were invited to chair different days of the conference. David Hunter and Michael Stelmach each chaired the Passive Fire Protection and Thermal Insulating Coatings days respectively. On the Thermal Insulating Coatings day, attendees heard from Stelmach about what insulating coatings are and which applications are optimal.  Howard Mitschke, an independent consultant for Mascoat, gave a presentation on his study about using insulating coatings for personnel protection (link to PP article above.)

As a bonus for attendees, Stelmach worked with Kevin Turpin of PK Industrial to host a “field trip” to the PK facility to see the application procedures of coatings discussed in the classroom. Most interesting for many attendees was to see Mascoat Industrial-DTI applied. Since the coating can be applied to working surfaces, propane heaters were used to raise the temperature of 3 steel plates, each to 90?F, 120?F and 220?F. After only 2 coats (40 mils or 1 mm), guests were able to put their hand down on the 220?F steel without concern for injury, exactly as Howard Mitschke had explained in his presentation earlier in the day.

NACE officials were very pleased with the conference’s success; they plan on holding more conferences specifically about heat in the future. Mascoat has been invited to participate in these as well, with the next one taking place in October 2012, in Edinburgh, Scotland. More information can be found at