Mascoat was invited to give 2 speeches at the NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Hot Topics Conference held October 14-16 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have worked closely with NACE over the years helping educate industries about insulating coatings and how they can solve many problems that plants and marine vessels face today, including corrosion, condensation, energy retention, personnel protection and inspectability of insulated pieces of equipment.

Ralph Maas, Business Development Manager for Mascoat’s Europe office was asked to speak about preventing corrosion onboard marine vessels using an insulating coating like Marine-DTM. The product is the only anti-condensation/insulating coating with all major marine approvals. His presentation focused on different areas of ships that are prone to condensation, which inevitably leads to corrosion, and how the coating works to prevent the moisture from ever occurring.

Michael Stelmach, Senior Project Specialist in the Houston office spoke about the many benefits the coatings have in the industrial sector, specifically providing personnel protection and thermal insulation, while preventing CUI. Attendees not only heard about how the coating works, but also real world case studies showing the effectiveness of the coatings in industrial facilities.

Both speeches were well attended and both men received high accolades from the organizers for the informative nature of the speeches. NACE was so pleased that they have already approached Mascoat to be a part of their next conference being held in New Orleans in the spring of 2013.