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Company name: North Sea Tanker Management BV
Vessel: M/T Amalia
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 100 mm (2.5 mm)
Reason for application: Thermal insulation, personnel protection and CUI


MT Amalia Coating


North Sea Tanker Management BV is the ship manager for a fleet of chemical tankers. Steam pipes on the M/T Amalia were constantly having problems with CUI. These steam pipes are used for keeping the cargo at a constant temperature. Leaks due to CUI would have an adverse affect on the cargo so the company needed a solution. By the time Mascoat was involved, the CUI had gotten so bad that new piping was necessary. The old piping had become so brittle that they were unusable. In this case, the company decided to use Industrial-DTI instead of Marine-DTM because of potential heat spikes. DTM is only rated up to 300?F, while DTI is rated up to 375?F. Repair Management, an authorized applicator of Mascoat’s coatings, applied a primer on the pipes before applying DTI.


The coating was applied to a thickness of 2.5 mm due to the high temperature of the steam. The operator immediately noted that the pipes were no longer a personnel protection hazard as they had been before. Also, the CUI would no longer be an issue because there isn’t a cavity for moisture to be trapped between the coating and the substrate. Third, any leaks at any of the flanges or valves would be immediately visible. The client was satisfied with the application, as the coating had solved all problems on the pipes.


MT Amalia CoatingMT Amalia Coating